Drama East Surrey Performing Arts


DESPA is the drama section of our society. After many years of staging musicals and concerts, a group of members decided it would be good fun to put on a play. Since then, we have staged at least one play per year, COVID permitting. On a smaller scale than our musicals, this gives members the opportunity to enjoy a different aspect of theatre and to hone their acting skills, thereby also contributing to the dialogue between the songs in the bigger shows! We also hold play readings to help choose scripts and to practice accents and character voices in a supportive environment. And to have a laugh.

As DESPA exists for its members, plays tend to be cast on a collaborative basis from within the existing membership – those interested in being in a production will attend read-throughs and the group will discuss casting with the director. In the event of there being competition for a part, the director will choose a section of the script for the actors to deliver and will make decisions based on that.