DESPA Committee Representative: Mark Nicholson

Having appeared in musicals, plays and G&S in other parts of the country since his time at university, Mark took a break from the stage when his children were born. He joined this group in 2006 for 'Annie' along with his daughter.

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The Steering Group would be a team of four or five people who would work together to decide the number and type of productions staged by DESPA, facilitate the productions and maintain the engagement of ESPA members with the drama section.

The intention is for the majority of work to be carried out remotely, with online meetings as necessary.

There would continue to be a single representative assigned to the ESPA Trustees to attend meetings and maintain communication with the Board.

The aim of DESPA would continue to be providing drama opportunities for ESPA members. We are currently a group that aims to cast from within existing membership rather than advertising auditions externally.

Roles & Responsibilities (delegated as appropriate) will include:

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