Meet the YESPA Team

YESPA Leadership Team - Ali Bond,
Clare Mcfadden & Alison Gilbert

Ali, Alison and Clare have been jointly leading YESPA since 2019.  They all began their YESPA lives as mothers of cast members and somehow, they’ve never left.  As a team they manage the budget; show choices and licensing; administration and membership of YESPA.  They recruit the creative team and production crew needed to put on each show.  They book halls and theatres, and manage all logistics relating to auditions, rehearsals and shows, and aim to encourage a wide range of young people to join the group. They organise the skills workshops for members and ensure the trainers are of a high quality.  A vital part of their remit is to organise fundraising events and make applications for arts funding grants to help YESPA to be as self-reliant as possible.

The leadership team are all licensed chaperones and they support Carol Carden who heads up child safeguarding for YESPA.

Marketing for YESPA is handled centrally by ESPA trustees, but the Leadership team feed the promotional messages they want shared.  

They are always keen to welcome any volunteers to support them in their wide ranging roles.

Head Chaperone -
Carol Carden

Costume Team -
Tracey Brammar &
June Yasuda

Marketing - Meg Richards
& Amelia Hulbert

Props Team - Sue Bracher, June Gautrey, Sandy Benton & Sally Durrant